Supply List for “Accurate Piecing for Award Winning Quilts” by Beverly Fine, NQACJ
West Virginia Quilt Festival June 18, 2015

Cut, piece and press your way to success with the Venetian Tile pattern. Once students learn the cutting, piecing and pressing techniques that are the foundation for all award-winning quilts, these skills can be put to use later, in any block, sashing, or border. Students will receive and discuss a hand-out, Judging Criteria for Piecing, which describes what to avoid, and what results to strive for in piecing a quilt.

Iron, ironing board (We can share these.)
Rotary cutter (with a fresh blade), and cutting mat (as large as you can carry)
Necessary rulers (6” x 24” ruler AND 12” square ruler) with non-slip grips adhered.
(OPTIONAL, but handy! : 6” x 12” ruler, 4” x 4” ruler)
Sewing Machine (with a fresh needle) foot pedal, cords and extension cord. Bring a ¼” foot if you have one.
High quality sewing thread
Scissors, fine sharp pins, stiletto, mechanical pencil, seam ripper (only if you make mistakes!)
Point Trimmer (if you have one, because I have a trick substitute that is free)
OPTIONAL: Grey Scale and/or value finder, template plastic and template marking pencil, freezer paper.
OPTIONAL: Fresh pack of sticky notes OR OPTIONAL: Ideal Seam Guide Piecing Package by Sew Very Smooth. I paid for mine and I get no kick back from the company, but I use mine all the time.

Fabric: For the purposes of this class, please do not bring fat quarters. Solid colors make life easier, as the front is the same as the back. A Kona-like fabric is more forgiving than a tightly woven batik. But you may bring any fabric that you like. Bring fabrics in at least two colors as follows:

Color A;
3/4 yd or more of white or near white (or lightest value of your chosen color A)
1 ¼ yd or more of medium grey (or medium value of your chosen color A)
3/4 yd or more of black (or very dark value of your chosen color A)

Color B
3/4 yd of more, EACH, of a light/medium value AND a medium/dark value of your color B. This quilt can be either monochromatic, or polychromatic.

If you want more than two colors, you may choose to also use a Color C, D, E, etc. If so, please bring ¾ yard or more of a light/medium value AND a dark/medium value of your Color C, your Color D, and/or your Color E.

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