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Special Exhibits and Events
Special Exhibit:
“Quilt as Desired Exhibit”

Mary Kerr’s Art Quilt Exhibit

Thursday, Friday & Saturday
1:00 pm Walking Gallery Tours of
“Quilt As Desired” Exhibit

Mary Kerr will be bringing her “Quilt as Desired” Exhibit. This exhibit features 40 vintage quilt tops that have been finished by long arm quilters. Mary will be in attendance at the VIP Reception on Wednesday evening and will conduct gallery tours at 1:00 each day of the Quilt Festival.

Quilt Appraisals
by Mary Kerr
MMary will be available to offer appraisals on Thursday thru Saturday during show hours. Walk-ins are welcome, or you may contact Mary to schedule an appointment: 
703-491-3295 or mary@marywkerr.com
MTwo types of appraisals are available. Written appraisals ($50) are necessary for insurance coverage of antique and contemporary quilted textiles. Verbal appraisals ($20) provide a setting in which members can learn about their antique quilts and how to care for them. It will be 30 minutes for a written appraisal and 10 minutes for a verbal appraisal. Clients will pay Mary directly and an appraisal sheet will be attached or mailed to you later.

Spotlight Guild:
WV Quilters, Inc. is pleased to feature the Alderson Quilters and Crafters Guild.

Yummy FOOD
by The Celtic Cook

MLunch and dinner will be available for purchase during the festival.
MWe would like to extend an invitation for you to come to one of the dinners that precede the lectures.
MThursday 6pm Dinner $25
MFriday 6pm Dinner $25
MClick below to register:
Class/Dinner Registration Form

MThe food is scrumptious and the fellowship is wonderful!

Hand Quilting Demonstrations with Joni Hoffman
MThere will be a quilting frame set up for a hands-on hand quilting demonstration. If you would like to sit and hand quilt, please bring your favorite thimble. If you don’t know how to quilt, Joni will be happy to teach you!

Special Events
* All special events below are
free of charge.

* VIP Reception
Wednesday 7 – 9 pm
Arena and Conference Center Lobby
All entrants, exhibitors, vendors, volunteers, and members are cordially invited to our VIP Reception.

* Lectures:

Motherless Quilts
by Mary Kerr
Thursday, 7 pm

WV Roots - Massachusetts Wings
by Jane Crutchfield
Friday, 7 pm

* West Virginia Quilters Inc.
Summer Meeting
Friday, 7 pm

(preceding the lecture)

* “Signature Quilts”
Bed-Turning Exhibit

Saturday — 2 pm
Presented by Jane Crutchfield
“Signature Quilts” Bed Turning by Jane Crutchfield on Saturday at 2:00 pm. Spend the afternoon learning about and discussing signature quilts with Jane Crutchfield. Jane will bring quilts from her own collection - ranging from 1857 to her latest project. Topics discussed will be: deciphering of signatures, relationship of names, purpose of quilt, research how-to and historical significance.

* Discussion: Documenting
West Virginia Quilts
by Fran Kordek
Friday, 11 am and
Saturday, 3:30 pm

MWant to learn more about documenting our state’s treasures?  Come to this planning session to find out how it can be done and how you, as a volunteer, can help. Fran Kordek is ready to pick up this very worth-while project and she will be sharing her vision with us.
MThis discussion will take place in the classroom area, and will last 20-30 minutes.

Special Exhibit:
The First Four Hundred (All by Hand IV)

by Jane M. Crutchfield

MEach block has an element from the cover of each of the first four hundred issues of Quilter’s Newsletter (Sept 1969-Mar 2008).  The first blocks are black and white because that is how the magazine was published initially.  The blocks then go to monochromatic for several issues, then to full color in July 1976 with the Bicentennial Star block.
The idea for this quilt came to me in May 2003 after I saw the announcement that QN was preparing to celebrate their 35th Anniversary in 2004.  They offered up a contest for the celebration.  Knowing  I would never get the quilt finished in time to enter the contest, I forged ahead.  In looking at each cover and deciding which little tidbit I wanted to sew to represent that cover, it actually became a game.
MThe quilt top has 7,609 pieces.  The block with the most pieces (184) is second from the left, fourth row up from the bottom.  These pieces are actually larger than those in the original quilt.
MI began piecing the quilt in May 2003 and finished the quilting in January 2008.  Now mind you, like every other quilter, I was working on several other projects at the same time.  But as Dear Abby always said "Where would you be if you never started?"
MThe quilt has been exhibited at several venues but nothing can top the phone call I received from Bonnie Leman, herself, thanking me for making the quilt. She was absolutely the queen of the quilt world.

This amazing quilt will be on exhibit at the WV Festival.

Thursday Night Challenge
The WVQI Festival draws near, and it’s time to put in the serious work on your piece for the Thursday Night Challenge. Chiefie, the Machiavelli of the West Virginia quilting world, put her devious brain to work, and came up with the following rules for us last June.
• Anyone who attended the 2014 Thursday night dinner is eligible.
• Quilts may be hand- or machine-sewn.
• Quilts must be the product of just one quilt maker.
• Please label your little quilt.
• You may keep your quilt or donate it to the Little Quilt Auction; just let us know what your wishes are in this regard.
• The colors in your quilt must be based on paint chips or crayon colors.
• One color must start with the first letter of your first name.
• The second color must start with the first letter of your last name.
• You may use any shade, tint, or tone of the two colors you choose, plus black and/or white, if desired.
• Put your paint chips or crayons into a plastic ziplock bag and pin them to the bottom of your quilt.
• Quilts must either be mailed to Joni one week prior to the Festival, or delivered to Chiefie or Joni at the Festival by 3 p.m. on Thursday, 18th June 2015. This will allow us time to hang the quilts before the dinner. Joni Hoffman, 225 Black Birch Path, Duck, WV  25063
We will again be offering a first- and second-place prize package to the winners, determined by popular vote of the dinner at-tendees. So rev up your creative juices, wipe the dust off your scissors, and show us what you can do. Last year’s winners took home gift certificates and merchandise valued at over $400. Come join us at the dinner and find out what Chiefie has dreamed up for this year’s challenge!
-Joni Hoffman